“Sound mind in a Sound body”
“Sports are institutionalized competitive activities that involve vigorous physical exertion”
Sports mirror the values, structures and dynamics of our society. The qualities such as honesty, loyalty, modesty, sincerity, co-operation etc are best developed among students through sports. The practice of physical and sports activities provides a favorable opening for the development of Individual talent, Rehabilitation, Social integration and Solidarity.

Aristotle says;
“Body and mind should be driven like a pair of horses hitched to a shaft”
Both are two sides of a same coin and both complement each other.
The importance of sports in colleges is rapidly increasing in day today life due to sports awareness and recognition.

To achieve sports excellence through acquisition, organization and maintenance of necessary resources for current and anticipated sports programs of the institution.

To make sporting activity accessible to every students regardless of his or her abilities or interests and also to support the Institute’s mission of promoting and preserving young sports talent.

1. To Promote, Motivate and Support young sports talent.
2. Preparing students to compete at higher levels such as Zonal, Inter-Zonal, University, State, Nationals and Internationals etc.
3. To develop Physical fitness among the students.
4. To extract hidden sports talent of students.

Team Selections:
At the beginning of every academic year, the college team selections for various sports disciplines are conducted for both men and women section.

Regular team practices are held after the team selection in every discipline. Apart from these additional practice sessions are arranged for the teams during competitions.

Our college sports activities are not only limited to Inter-departmental sports, the students are encouraged to practice and participate in the sports meet and competitions and all the requirements which are essential in this regard are provided to them.

College Sports Fest:
Intra College Sports Fest ‘Sports-O-Mania’ is being conducted every year in the campus to encourage sports talents and in order to keep the students & also staff community away from monotony and boredom. The sports activities are planned keeping in mind the need and interest of the students. Separate activities are planned men, women & staff section depending on the strength and interest of the individuals.