National Knowledge Network (NKN) project is aimed at establishing a strong and robust Indian network which will be capable of providing secure and reliable connectivity. Globally, frontier research and innovation are shifting towards multidisciplinary and collaborative paradigm and require substantial communication and computational power. In India, NKN with its multi-gigabit capability aims to connect all universities, research institutions, libraries, laboratories, healthcare and agricultural institutions across the country to address such paradigm shift. The leading mission oriented agencies in the fields of nuclear, space and defence research are also part of NKN. By facilitating the flow of information and knowledge, the network addresses the critical issue of access and creates a new paradigm of collaboration to enrich the research efforts in the country. The network design is based on a proactive approach that takes into account the future requirements and new possibilities that this infrastructure may unfold, both in terms of usage and perceived benefits. This will bring about a knowledge revolution that will be instrumental in transforming society and promoting inclusive growth.

Role of NKN

  • Establishing a high-speed backbone connectivity which will enable knowledge and information sharing amongst NKN connected institutes.
  • Enabling collaborative research, development and innovation amongst NKN connected institutes.
  • Facilitating advanced distance education in specialized fields like engineering, science, medicine etc.
  • Facilitating an ultra-high speed e-governance backbone.
  • Facilitating connection between different sectoral networks in the field of research.


NKN is steadily evolving as the National Education Research Network (NREN) of India. NKN is now being looked as the harbinger of change in our knowledge society but this also brings together the responsibility to continuously look forward to provide the much required impetus to R&D initiatives related to networking technology.

NKN network is designed with the aim of providing:

  • Highest level of availability Robust & reliable connectivity.
  • Highest level of Scalability (specifically planned to match the unknown future demands which cannot be envisaged currently)
  • Best Bandwidth Capacity: For NKN, various National Long Distance Carriers (NLDs) have provided 2.5Gbps / 10Gbps capacity links which can be self healed.